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Online Video Streaming – the New Way to Watch TV and Movies

If you wanted to watch video online in the early days of the internet, you had to download the video and watch it.

Technology, however, began to move forward and streaming videos began to become the norm by the late 1990s.

With streaming videos, without using hard drive space, people could watch movies, TV shows, and videos on demand.

Soon, streaming television and movies became the primary way for people to watch television and feature movies.

Services such as Netflix and Hulu enjoyed massive growth as people started cutting the cord from standard TV and satellite instead of streaming convenience and cost savings.

Most people stream content on a regular basis nowadays. Sites such as Netflix, Amazon, and Hulu are popular choices for those who want TV and feature movies on demand.

Sites like NBC Sports, Showtime TV, and WWE enable you to stream sporting events live and pay-per-view.

There is also a myriad of streaming third-party sites offering a wide range of live and pre-recorded content. Services like Kodi, Popcorn Time, and TV Muse are included.

You could access all of your favorite shows and stream content from anywhere in the world in a perfect world. This is not always the case, unfortunately.

However, while streaming, if you use a quality VPN, you can safely and securely watch your favorite shows from anywhere.

What Are the Risks of Online Video Streaming?

Streaming online video on the surface seems fairly risk-free, but with streaming videos, there are some potential problems.

Because of too much streaming, some ISPs will throttle or slow down your Internet connection. You may not be able to use your internet service for a while if you use an ISP with a data cap.

Because these types of websites serve copyrighted materials, you may break the law that may result in your internet service being terminated or even slapped with a lawsuit.

Legal vs. Pirated Websites

There are two types of streaming services that you will find online when using a VPN for streaming.

The first is your legal services like Netflix, Hulu and Amazon TV. Then there are pirated sites falling into legal “gray areas” like SolarMovies, TVMuse, and KissCartoon.

Whatever you use, there are issues that will be faced at some point by streamers.

The main issue facing streamers for legal sites is geo-restrictions. This means that based on your physical location some content will be blocked.

You can’t get to the U.S. BBC iPlayer, for example. You can’t access US Netflix if you’re outside the US.

You’re not going to face geo-blocks if you’re using a pirated streaming site, but you’re putting your computer at risk for other threats.

Because you don’t know who runs the site, you don’t know if the site is trying to hack your computer or malware to infect it.

On these sites, too, you will often face malicious ads and frequent pop-ups. Worst of all, these sites are always monitored by anti-piracy groups and by watching pirated content on these sites you put yourself at risk for criminal prosecution.

Best VPNs for Streaming Videos Online

Streaming videos have become the norm over the past 20 years and are now the main way people watch television or movies.

Streaming online videos come with inherent risks, however, and depending on your location, you may be blocked from watching your favorite shows.

Fortunately, there is a way from anywhere in the world you can still enjoy your favorite shows securely

. By using VPN for streaming, you can bypass geo-restrictions, enjoy safe streaming, and avoid the pitfalls of streaming unprotected video over your ISP.

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