8 best VPNs for making a video calls

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Video calling has been available for a long time but was initially available on some specialized video calling applications such as Skype and IMO, but many instant messaging apps and social networks have started to incorporate video calling as part of their services over the past five years. [2019 Guide]

This has led to video calling popularity as it has added advantage over voice calling as the receiver can see the calling person and it makes business transactions easier.

The issues attributed to video compelled some government to force internet service providers to block video calling as they believe it could promote terrorism and radical activity.

8 best VPNs for making a video calls

This is where VPN comes into play as with a good and reliable Virtual Private Network provider you can bypass this restriction.

VPN provides end-to-end encryption to users that hides your identity and prevents video calls from being snooped by government and internet service providers.

Best VPNs for making video calls on PC

1 Cyber Ghost

CyberGhost is an efficient voice calling VPN service provider. With 256-AES bit encryption technology, some of its features include no bandwidth limit.

Additionally, when connected to their servers, DNS and IP leak protection as well as ultra internet speed

. You can use the 30-day money back guarantee to test their services before you decide to buy it completely.

2 NordVPN (suggested)

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NordVPN has a reputation as a VPN service software that protects all connections with its 256-bit encryption

NordVPN, however, has good server speed and excellent service to customer care. This makes it an ideal video calling VPN. Download from the official website of NordVPN

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